Emergenza ferroviaria in Liguria, Sonia Viale sulle agenzie internazionali

Genoa, 20 January (AKI) – Rescue teams recovered the body of a Syrian doctor from a river in northern Italy on Monday and were searching for a second missing man amid torrential rain and flooding.Firemen found Elias Kassabji’s body in the river at Sessarego, some 20 kilometres east of port city of Genoa in the northwestern Liguria region. He is believed to have drowned after hitting his head on rocks and his body was recovered some 400 metres from where he was last seen alive on Sunday.Kassabji had just examined the son of a local man who was walking with him to him towards his home when a flood hit both men unexpectedly.Rescuers were searching for a second man who disappeared during an operation to rescue him from a canal in Bastiglia, in the province of Modena, where unrelenting rains have cause the River Secchia to burst its banks. The man vanished when he fell in the water while ferrying others to safety in his rubber dinghy. Fire services said the situation remained “critical” in the province on Monday, where a vast area northeast of of Modena was submerged by flood waters and 50 people had to be winched to safety by helicopter on Sunday.Nearly 600 people have been forced to evacuate their homes in the greater Modena area and have been accommodated temporarily in hotels, hospitals and shelters.Heavy rains have pelted vast areas of Italy in the past 36 hours especially the Emiglia-Romana region where Modena is located, Liguria and Tuscany.Rain was expected to intensify late Monday in the Emilia-Romagna region.The federalist Northern League’s secretary in Liguria, Sonia Viale, urged the government to send in the army to flood-hit areas, where local roads and bridges and rail lines have been closed and trains derailed.